Residency Lodging

Lodging – Immersion Weeks Versus Residency Weeks


Immersion Weeks – EMBA Program Books

The EMBA program has four Immersion weeks in total. Three immersions take place on the Notre Dame campus, one of which takes place internationally and will require overseas travel.

The EMBA program team selects the hotel and books the lodging for the entire cohort for Immersion weeks. This lodging cost is included in your tuition. The expectation is that all students will stay at the location. Therefore, you do not need to book lodging for Immersion Weeks. Lodging details and reservation confirmations will follow. Know that we have you covered, and you can cross this off your list.

Residency Weekends – Students Book

Residency weekends are typically Thursday – Saturday, during business hours. Occasionally, you will have evening sessions during residency weekends. Lodging for Residency weekends is at the student’s discretion, and you may choose your lodging location. However, you may want to book a room in one of the ND Room Blocks.

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